2010 Fall Event Series

Download the 2010 Fall Event Series schedule.

The IAW-US is proud to present the Eighth Annual Fall Event Series with WingChun Grandmaster, Sifu Klaus Brand, on October 15-24. We will feature a wide array of topics for students of all levels.

Note that anyone in the general public, regardless of experience, and practitioners of other styles are welcome to attend. Ask about becoming an IAW Member to get significant discounts.

For an optimal learning experience, spaces are limited for each event and will sell out. For more information or to register, please contact:

Sihing Paul Wang
IAW-US Headquarters

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3rd Annual Spring Camp

Our biggest WingChun event of this  year is coming very soon.

The  2010 Spring Event Series features the 3rd Annual Spring Camp which will be held over the weekend of April 17-18, 2010 in the Marin Headlands within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA). The IAW-US is privileged to host Sifu Klaus Brand, IAW Founder and WingChun Grandmaster, for this exceptional training intensive. Additionally, his most accomplished private student, Sifu Alexander Lemuth, will also be participating as a special guest. This is a rare experience not to be missed for anyone interested in the art of WingChun.

Due to lodging constraints, there will be a limited number of spaces.

To guarantee your spot, please send in the Spring Camp tuition of $250 (or a 50% deposit with the remainder due on April 10) as soon as possible. Checks can be written to Sifu (“Klaus Brand”) and sent to the IAW-US Headquarters. The final deadline to register is April 1, 2010, but availability is expected to go quickly, so don’t hesitate if you are interested. Early payment secures your attendance to this unique opportunity that only happens once a year.

Enjoy two days of memorable fun in Nature with your WingChun family.

Contact: IAW-US Headquarters
Address: 1380 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702
Email: HQ@IAW-US.com
Phone: 510-214-2987
Download: Flyer | Schedule

Fall WingChun Seminar


The grand finale of the 2009 Fall Event Series was a fitting finish to the variety of topics we offered. It was indeed a broad and interesting mix of material which you were able to access. From Escrima weapons to WingChun applications, from Instructor to Basic training, everyone had the chance to appreciate the depth and quality of the IAW curriculum directly from its creator and founder, Sifu Klaus Brand. With the sure gratification of all that we accomplished, perhaps the only disappointments were that you missed some teachings and that the two weeks, now suddenly over, went by so quickly.


It was a pleasure to witness everyone’s determination to learn with unflagging and focused effort. Once again, one of the most pride-worthy characteristics of our WingChun family, both here and abroad, is this personal culture of doing your best. Nothing speaks more to the goal and intent of our community, its leaders and members, than the demonstration of ongoing passion for the art. Part of that means always being patient enough to invest in your own progress, an advancement that must be proven at the completion of each Program such as the following graduates did this day:


Austin Liu, 1 SL (Berkeley)
Cinna Wu, 1 SL (Berkeley)
Alex Hansen, 1 SL (San Francisco)
David Luevano, 1 SL (Santa Cruz)
Antal Beryeni, 4 SL (Berkeley)
Leslie Foss, 4 SL (Berkeley)
Will Haskell, 4 SL (Berkeley)
Deidre Zafar, 5 SL (Santa Cruz)
Marty Patin, 5 SL (Berkeley)
Brian Watson, 5 SL (Santa Cruz)
Ben Campbell, 6 SL (Santa Cruz)
Jim Allen, 6 SL (Berkeley)
Manish Bhatt, 7 SL (Berkeley)
Evan Kha, 7 SL (Berkeley)
Tyler Gouvea, 8 SL (Berkeley)
Justin Yang, 9 SL (Berkeley)
Chris Bobek, 10 SL (Berkeley)
Norm Waleedej, 10 SL (Berkeley)
Brandon Solano, 11 SL (Berkeley)
Eric Swing, 11 SL (Berkeley)
Michael Murphy, 11 SL (Berkeley)
Megan Hemmerle, 11 SL (Berkeley)
Alfred Lee, 11 SL (Berkeley)

Second Weekend Recap


Warriors of all sorts, safe and sound after a bout of Combat training.

After an informative and inspiring first weekend, we continued with a Combat Class in Santa Cruz. Sihing Carl did a great job planning and hosting this event with Sifu. Although it may be somewhat apparent from the photo, nothing can fully depict the actual experience of the intensive evening. The hour and a half went by in a flash as we strove, striked, threw, and flew through the series of Combat exercises. As always, the format was fun, fast, and free. The result was that everyone gained a newfound appreciation and assurance in emergency situations.


Our first and great Special Event in San Francisco with Sifu Brand.

Friday found us at another location. We were in San Francisco for an Application Class to support Sihing Gerald’s Academy. There were a range of attendees, from those with a few classes to others with many years under their belt. All enthusiastically absorbed Sifu’s display of practical essentials. Even though the material was drawn from just the first two Student Levels, everyone understood the value of basics including footwork and arm coordination. WingChun is one whole system. Thus, its dynamic patterns and functional logic applies regardless of who is doing it.


Happy to help one another evolve our practical knowledge.

Sifu used the Special Class to transmit a flexible methodology to train Guo Sao (Passing Arms). Usually it is done as a set part of the First Section flows. Instead we pulled it out this context to launch various Lat Sao (Casting Arms) feeds. This particular framework allowed everyone to more deeply understand the singular elements contained within the prescribed sequences of Student Levels 6, 7, and 8. Clean technique was honed by the dual forces of power and speed. Thus, we all stepped away with both increased clarity of and solidity in the Middle Level programs.

First Weekend Recap


Hard-working Technicians with Sifu after their specialized session.

The commencing event of the Fall Event Series 2009 was the Technician Seminar on the first Friday. We covered Entrances and Endings of the 3rd and 5th Section, as well as several of their most important Applications. The eager Technicians thoroughly enjoyed hearing Sifu’s theoretical explanations and witnessing his powerful actions as much as the genuine camaderie of meeting altogether at the Headquarters. Everyone felt stronger and smarter after our seemingly short 2.5 hours of training, and left satisfied but also wanting more.


A few dedicated Escrimadors and their trustworthy weapons.

Escrima is weapons Self-Defense. Sifu shared inspiring patterns from the Student, Serrada, Dos Manos, and Espada y Daga Levels. The exercises he imparted focused on footwork to optimize body positioning and weapon distancing. We also saw how flexible the range of Escrima movements are to rapidly change and cover a wide area. Combinations and coordinations for one and two sticks were dynamically demanding but then flowed with some practice of embodied concentration. If you weren’t able to attend, don’t miss our monthly classes to access this simple and perfect complement to WingChun.


Selected scenes of the day for examining 2009 Degree aspirants.

We finished the weekend with an information-packed Instructor Seminar to culminate this year’s Assistant Degree (AD) and Instructor Degree I (ID-I) Program. Four hours flew by as Sifu explained and inquired about the didatic methodology of WingChun. Each Degree Aspirant was put on the spot to articulate concepts and demonstrate applications from various Student Levels in order to express individual understanding of the teaching Programs. Having to thus defend their ideas was both a challenge and pleasure. The focused effort and sustained poise with which all performed attested to their hard work preparing the last six months. Now we can proudly congratulate eleven newly qualified Degree Graduates:

Brian Watson, AD
Deidre Zafar, AD
Ben Campbell, AD
Manish Bhatt, AD
Norm Waleedej, AD
Brandon Solano, AD
Megan Hemmerle, AD
Chris Bobek, ID-I
Michael Murhpy, ID-I
Matt Hawkinson, ID-I


Four great hours and eleven new Degree Graduates later.