My Headquarters Visit 2011, Part 6

Sihing Paul Wang Sifu Tony Hollander WingChun

Happy strolling with Sifu Tony in Bordeaux.

Continued from Part 5.

What a WingChun Tour de France!

On Friday, I had the pleasure of reuniting with my IAW-UK counterparts Sifu Ed Pettit and Sifu Tony Hollander. I hadn’t seen them since my 2009 trip to England, where they initiated me in my first glass of genuine Guinness. But even without the easy cheer of beer, I always enjoy their unpretentious company.

Later that evening, I was happy to see Sihing Ralph Dahl who, along with his assistant Sihing Simon Doberanske, drove 11 hours from Frankfurt to join us. Such dedication proven as action taken and obstacles overcome always impresses me. It was invigorating to train with him. As two of Sifu’s senior students, we acknowledged the pleasure of toasting each other as old friends, having first met in 1998 in California. Continue reading

Fall WingChun Seminar


The grand finale of the 2009 Fall Event Series was a fitting finish to the variety of topics we offered. It was indeed a broad and interesting mix of material which you were able to access. From Escrima weapons to WingChun applications, from Instructor to Basic training, everyone had the chance to appreciate the depth and quality of the IAW curriculum directly from its creator and founder, Sifu Klaus Brand. With the sure gratification of all that we accomplished, perhaps the only disappointments were that you missed some teachings and that the two weeks, now suddenly over, went by so quickly.


It was a pleasure to witness everyone’s determination to learn with unflagging and focused effort. Once again, one of the most pride-worthy characteristics of our WingChun family, both here and abroad, is this personal culture of doing your best. Nothing speaks more to the goal and intent of our community, its leaders and members, than the demonstration of ongoing passion for the art. Part of that means always being patient enough to invest in your own progress, an advancement that must be proven at the completion of each Program such as the following graduates did this day:


Austin Liu, 1 SL (Berkeley)
Cinna Wu, 1 SL (Berkeley)
Alex Hansen, 1 SL (San Francisco)
David Luevano, 1 SL (Santa Cruz)
Antal Beryeni, 4 SL (Berkeley)
Leslie Foss, 4 SL (Berkeley)
Will Haskell, 4 SL (Berkeley)
Deidre Zafar, 5 SL (Santa Cruz)
Marty Patin, 5 SL (Berkeley)
Brian Watson, 5 SL (Santa Cruz)
Ben Campbell, 6 SL (Santa Cruz)
Jim Allen, 6 SL (Berkeley)
Manish Bhatt, 7 SL (Berkeley)
Evan Kha, 7 SL (Berkeley)
Tyler Gouvea, 8 SL (Berkeley)
Justin Yang, 9 SL (Berkeley)
Chris Bobek, 10 SL (Berkeley)
Norm Waleedej, 10 SL (Berkeley)
Brandon Solano, 11 SL (Berkeley)
Eric Swing, 11 SL (Berkeley)
Michael Murphy, 11 SL (Berkeley)
Megan Hemmerle, 11 SL (Berkeley)
Alfred Lee, 11 SL (Berkeley)

Working Hard on Labor Day


Fun labor, real results during our September HQ WingChun Seminar.

Time really flies by when we’re in the WingChun zone. 2.5 hours seem like minutes. But we concentrated a lot of information and repetitions in this Labor Day weekend Seminar. Good to see everyone motivated and focused, sweating and smiling. All participants made important upgrades and advancements in knowledge and skill. Some enough so to pass their Student Levels. Namely:

Kyriakos Zarifis, 1 SL
Willliam Ma, 4 SL
Leslie Foss, 3 SL
Evan Kha, 6 SL
Manish Bhatt, 6 SL

Action in Atlanta

Sihing Ayron in a Private Lesson with Sihing Paul.

Sihing Ayron in a Private Lesson with Sihing Paul.

Passion in common is compassion. We care enough to take care of each other in training. Even thousands of miles away, sharing the power of WingChun triggers that feeling we all know. A rush of blood, a surge of energy, a spark of insight. More and more, I realize the purpose of communicating this invigorating and envitalizing art. With that in mind, an appreciation for the unique opportunity and personal responsibility to do so also substantially grows.


Some action shots from the WingChun Seminar in Atlanta.

Despite the traveling and jetlagging, it was a pleasure to visit our WingChun family in Atlanta. Sihing Kurk, Sihing Ayron, and their students are an attentive and grateful group. Congratulations in particular to Nathan Wood and Rosanna Chung for achieving the international standard to pass Student Level 3. Keep up the great work you’ve started. See everyone in Georgia next time. See everyone in California next week.


Summer Seminar Success

USHQSeminar26.07.09_500pxA super successful Summer Seminar Sunday. Thanks to all who participated and contributed their energy and enthusiasm. To those that didn’t attend, make sure to join in the fun next time. That’s in six weeks on September 6.

USHQSeminar26.07.09.1_500pxCongratulations to all who pursued and passed their Testing. These are our proud Student Level graduates this round:

Jesus Cisneros, SL 1
Will Ma, SL 3
Deidre Zafar, SL 4
Brian Watson, SL 4
Marty Patin, SL 4
Alex Johnson, SL 5
Ben Campbell, SL 5
Manish Bhatt, SL 5
Ian Johnson, SL 6

USHQSeminar26.07.09.2_500pxAlso a big thumbs up to those who attended just to train their Program. It says a lot about your dedication to put forth this effort towards consistent improvement. Remember, repetition leads to realization.