Polling on Article Topics

Rather than just write for my own edification, which is great, I’ d like share topics of interest to you based on my personal experience.

So, please let me know what aspects of WingChun you’d like to read about. Leave a reply in the comment box to suggest more ideas.

Thanks for participating!

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Polling on WingChun Videos

The International Academy of WingChun has produced and published six videos in order to give the general public a basic sense of our particular system. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps a video is worth a thousand pictures. We can even go as far as to say that an experience is worth a thousand videos.

Thus, if these videos have piqued your interest in or challenged your conception of WingChun or Self-Defense, we encourage you to try a class or attend a seminar. Meanwhile, let us know which three of the following videos are your favorites. We will use your feedback in potential future efforts:


Polling on WingChun Teachers

Vote below and view results.

In the IAW, certified WingChun® teachers are called Sihing or Sije (male or female instructors, respectively) that have attained a minimum of the 9th Student Level (SL) Graduation and have at least completed the Assistant Degree (AD) Program.

Currently, there are about 25 worldwide who lead, or help teach at, an IAW Group or Academy. They have the responsibility to spread the WingChun® system according to IAW standards. That means they must continually maintain their own quality of training, as well as the consistent progress of their students.

Besides these objective professional requirements, what specific personal qualities do you most appreciate in a WingChun® teacher? Please choose three from the list below. Thanks for your contribution, which will help us optimize our teacher training program:

Polling on Training Goals

Everyone starts WingChun® for specific goals. Perhaps these are what motivate you to continue training. But sometimes you find additional reasons along the way. What are the current factors that keep you coming to class? Choose one or more of the suggestions below, or add your own. Then view results to see what others are saying:

Polling on Attendance Frequency

One of the most important variables in progress is training frequency. Consistent attendance in Regular Classes is a essential aspect of this development. The more, the better.

Once a week is barely enough to learn the basics. To really improve, especially advancing in the curriculum, needs at least two or three times a week. This is a minimum requirement to graduate your Student Level.

Ask yourself, how often do I train? And see if you can challenge yourself to reach your goals with greater motivation and passion. That means, practically, to show up in Regular Classes more often to learn and grow.