2011 Spring Event Series

I’m really looking forward to my WingChun teacher’s upcoming visit for our Spring Event Series! Who is he? Founder and Grandmaster of the International Academy of WingChun (IAW), Sifu Klaus Brand.

Have fun, learn lots!

Twice a year, we host Sifu here at the US Headquarters in Berkeley. Once a year, we escape with him into the local beauty of Northern California for our Spring Camp. On April 16-17, we’ll be returning to one of the most inspiring spots in the San Francisco Bay Area — the Marin Headlands within the Golden Gate National Recreational Area.

Life is fleetingly short, with rare moments during which we are illuminated by true passion. This is one of them! Be literally ignited to the bone by an authentic embodiment of actualized human potential. Will you take the chance that otherwise passes forever? Continue reading

4th Annual Spring Camp

Tennessee Beach in Marin Headlands.

It’s set. Ready to go? Many of you said that last year’s Spring Camp was the best ever. They’ve all been memorable weekends of unique experiences. But, due to your feedback, we’ll be heading back into the sun and surf of the Marin Headlands!

Some of you really regretted missing the opportunity in 2010. It wasn’t just because of the compelling WingChun knowledge that Sifu Klaus Brand imparted, but also the inspiring setting in the world-renown Golden Gate Recreational Area. Continue reading

Groups We’ve Worked With

We are proud to have worked with the following groups that include schools, centers, dorms, students, staff, residents and employees. Let us know if you would like to invite us to conduct a WingChun Self-Defense workshop or demonstration for your personal or professional, community or corporate group.

It would be our pleasure to share valuable information in a dynamic, interesting and professional way. Just tell us your ideas and we’ll be happy to help plan a successful event for you. You may contact us via email at HQ@IAW-US.com or phone at 510-214-2987.

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Workshop at Chinese Hospital

On April 11, Chris Bobek and I were in San Francisco to conduct a WingChun Self-Defense Workshop at the Excelsior Clinic of the Chinese Hospital system as part of their Community Wellness Program. We customized the presentation to the audience by focusing on the naturalness and aliveness of WingChun movements. Interactive exercises were used to demonstrate how our training creates strong and proper alignment in the body. Then, these powerful physical principles were examined in Self-Defense application. The participants were able to understand and perform the instructions very well. Thanks to Chelsea Mao, Program Development Manager, for inviting us and planning out the event.

Second Weekend Recap


Warriors of all sorts, safe and sound after a bout of Combat training.

After an informative and inspiring first weekend, we continued with a Combat Class in Santa Cruz. Sihing Carl did a great job planning and hosting this event with Sifu. Although it may be somewhat apparent from the photo, nothing can fully depict the actual experience of the intensive evening. The hour and a half went by in a flash as we strove, striked, threw, and flew through the series of Combat exercises. As always, the format was fun, fast, and free. The result was that everyone gained a newfound appreciation and assurance in emergency situations.


Our first and great Special Event in San Francisco with Sifu Brand.

Friday found us at another location. We were in San Francisco for an Application Class to support Sihing Gerald’s Academy. There were a range of attendees, from those with a few classes to others with many years under their belt. All enthusiastically absorbed Sifu’s display of practical essentials. Even though the material was drawn from just the first two Student Levels, everyone understood the value of basics including footwork and arm coordination. WingChun is one whole system. Thus, its dynamic patterns and functional logic applies regardless of who is doing it.


Happy to help one another evolve our practical knowledge.

Sifu used the Special Class to transmit a flexible methodology to train Guo Sao (Passing Arms). Usually it is done as a set part of the First Section flows. Instead we pulled it out this context to launch various Lat Sao (Casting Arms) feeds. This particular framework allowed everyone to more deeply understand the singular elements contained within the prescribed sequences of Student Levels 6, 7, and 8. Clean technique was honed by the dual forces of power and speed. Thus, we all stepped away with both increased clarity of and solidity in the Middle Level programs.