Fall Event Series 2009


Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.
We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

Aristotle [384 BC – 322 BC]

2009 promises to be our biggest and best Fall Event Series yet with Sifu Klaus Brand, WingChun Grandmaster and IAW Founder.

We need each and every one of you to realize the personal value of this opportunity. Repeated instruction by and direct interaction with the highest embodiment of an art is the goal of all artists. And it’s something easily taken for granted, even though the opposite case is true. No one knows if the next chance is the last chance. So when you’re able to access an irreplaceable moment, willingness is the sole remaining step. In actuality, all instants are uniquely once in a lifetime because none ever repeats itself exactly again.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We can go further with modern media and claim a video is worth a thousand pictures. Finally, an experience is worth a thousand videos or, doing the math, a billion words. The most articulate collected volumes of scholarly text or deluxe high-definition DVD box sets of every known lecture on, for instance, Nature is still inescapably vicarious to one authentic contact with natural reality. The double filter – the output of an author’s mind as attempted communication and the input into the observer’s mind as alledged comprehension – of second-hand knowledge is never quite enough, always falling short.

So it is so with Self-Defense education. Through each of your senses you learn an aspect of the whole. But through all of them in simultaneous synergy, via the perceptive powers your entire human organism, you gain more than partial understanding. You can read explanations of Pak Sao (Slapping Arm). You can see photos of it. You can watch clips of it. These are decent but insufficient approximations that still leave you with persistent questions and permanent doubts. Then there is actually performing, really engaging, simply savoring a Pak Sao in motion. Until you thus subjectively do, act, and feel for yourself in the first person, objectivity is unconvincing.

Yet you can’t start merely with the decision to act, but a decisive action, which creates a defined behavior, which solidifies a determined habit. It only matters that – not how or why or when – you begin. Reach your next goal, become your better self. Your greatest chance to do so begins on October 16.

Spring Event Series 2009 Recap

It was an impressive time with all those April events.
– Sifu Klaus Brand

Spring in California is usually sunny and pleasant. All the more so when Sifu Brand visits. After the success of our Spring Camp last year, we decided to make it an ongoing annual tradition. So on the weekend of April 18-19, we headed out to the Point Reyes National Seashore. Not only was the weather perfect as we trained under the clear blue sky and in the warm ocean breeze, but the material Sifu Brand revealed to us was equally inspiring.

What could beat two days of pure WingChun? Saturday was devoted to improving Dan Chi and Basic Exercises. On Sunday, we covered aspects of Chi Sao, Puen Sao, Lat Sao, and Kicking Applications. That is not to mention all the joy, laughter, and stories we shared while cooking, eating, and chatting together. Upon our return, it was easy to recognize those who experienced Spring Camp 2009. This wasn’t just because of lingering smirks of satisfaction or displays of suntanned skin.


Many Spring Campers noted realization of insights only possible through the intensive retreat format. Perhaps through sheer work or utter magic, something shifts when you focus intently long enough. You see things and make connections not otherwise easily achieved in less sustained contexts. So besides eight hours of technical corrections and theoretical refinements, this overall integration of what you know and do is a great and rare reward. Now we look forward to Spring Camp 2010.

Obviously, this Spring Event Series also included a variety of additional occasions to access Sifu Brand’s ideas. Here is a short outline of what was presented:

Technician Workshop | Section Entrances
Combat Class
| Falls and Throws
Escrima Workshop | Serrada Patterns
WingChun Seminar | Curriculum Testing

That list conveys nothing of the dynamic energy and serious fun we all enjoyed. So it’s another one of those situations where you just had to be there to fully appreciate. But don’t be dismayed. Instead, pull up your calendar and plan for the Fall Event Series coming October 16-25, 2009.

Spring Event Series 2009

Next month, from April 17-26, we look forward to a most exciting occasion.

Sifu Klaus Brand, IAW Grandmaster, visits us for a dynamic series of events. This Spring Event Series kicks off with Spring Camp 2009, held only once a year. We’re happy to getaway for a weekend in the picturesque setting of Point Reyes National Seashore. Not only will you enjoy 8 hours of WingChun action, but also have plenty of time to hike some trails, bask on the beach, and bond with fellow practitioners. Last year proved to be a truly satisfying and memorable excursion in the hills. This year we head to the sea. See you there!

Additionally, you’ll also have the chance to test and progress with Sifu Brand during the WingChun Seminar on Sunday 4/26. He checks and compares your performance with the IAW standard worldwide. So you can be confident that your skills are up to par. That’s a good feeling.

To register, please email or call (510-666-9261) us here at the IAW-US HQ. If you’re a HQ student, you can also sign up in class. For more details about the Spring Camp, visit this posting. For an overview of the entire Spring Event Series, download this flyer.

Sihing Paul Wang
IAW-US Leader

Spring Camp 2009


We’re happy to announce our Second Annual WingChun Spring Camp with Sifu Klaus Brand, IAW Grandmaster. Because last year was such a blast, everyone was hoping for a sequel. You will not be disappointed as we take another weekend away from city life. And spend two days outdoors immersed in our art. Not to mention plenty of free time to enjoy Nature’s gifts and each other’s company.


WHO: You and your entire WingChun family
WHAT: 8 hours of training fun in the coastal sun
WHY: Recharge and inspire your practice
WHEN: Saturday-Sunday, April 18-19, 2009
WHERE: Point Reyes National Seashore


We’ll be staying at the Point Reyes Hostel, an accessible but semi-secluded site with all the amenities, including a complete kitchen, hot showers, warm fireplace, cozy bunks, open patio and free parking. Plus, it’s near several trailheads, including a pleasant hike to the sandy beach. Enjoy the fresh air, blue sky, and verdant growth along the way.

springcamp20082We’ve kept the Spring Camp fee down to a minimum to just cover costs for exclusive use of facilities over two full days and one overnight as well as 8 great hours of personal instruction from Sifu Brand.

Once again, we’ll be sharing our Saturday dinner potluck style. Bring enough extra food to fuel yourself  for 3-4 modest meals (two lunches, one breakfast, plus snacks) to prevent leftovers.

Space is very limited and only available to 20 students. So email HQ@IAW-US.com or call 510-666-9261 now to register. To guarantee a spot, please submit a 50% deposit of $125 (or the entire $250) as soon as possible to:


Re: Spring Camp 2009
IAW-US Headquarters
1380 University Ave
Berkeley, CA 94702

Any remaining balance is due in full by Saturday, April 11, 2009. Checks can be written to Sifu: “Klaus Brand“.

We look forward to having you join us for an energizing and enriching retreat. More than ever, it’s worthwhile to come together to reinforce the relevance and value of our practice. Don’t miss this rare chance once a year to really recharge your WingChun passion. Remember to pack a camera so we can capture some precious moments. Here are some other things you may want to bring:

  • Training Uniform
  • Outdoor Shoes
  • Jacket or Extra Layers
  • Potluck Dish and Snacks
  • Personal Items and Toiletries
  • Swimsuit, Towel, Sunscreen
  • Notebook and Pens
  • Sleeping Bag and Pillow
  • Stories, Smiles, Humor

Let’s get ready to play!