2011 Spring Event Series

I’m really looking forward to my WingChun teacher’s upcoming visit for our Spring Event Series! Who is he? Founder and Grandmaster of the International Academy of WingChun (IAW), Sifu Klaus Brand.

Have fun, learn lots!

Twice a year, we host Sifu here at the US Headquarters in Berkeley. Once a year, we escape with him into the local beauty of Northern California for our Spring Camp. On April 16-17, we’ll be returning to one of the most inspiring spots in the San Francisco Bay Area — the Marin Headlands within the Golden Gate National Recreational Area.

Life is fleetingly short, with rare moments during which we are illuminated by true passion. This is one of them! Be literally ignited to the bone by an authentic embodiment of actualized human potential. Will you take the chance that otherwise passes forever?

Find Your Flow

WingChun is a practical path towards a stronger self. A way, and the way, we walk to realize our latent capabilities through direct challenges to our body, emotions and mind. This we call Self-Defense. It’s about finding your flow, building your power to protect and preserve your quality of life. Gain this gift of great value you can’t truly conceive or believe unless you achieve it.

The experience this Spring will not instantly make you a master. But it will boost you towards a better sense of your real skills. You will witness what is fully possible with this holistic art. Join us — a diverse tribe of like-minded everyday warriors — for the best WingChun week yet.

You bet I’ll be there, savoring each minute in movement with you!

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