Action in Atlanta

Sihing Ayron in a Private Lesson with Sihing Paul.

Sihing Ayron in a Private Lesson with Sihing Paul.

Passion in common is compassion. We care enough to take care of each other in training. Even thousands of miles away, sharing the power of WingChun triggers that feeling we all know. A rush of blood, a surge of energy, a spark of insight. More and more, I realize the purpose of communicating this invigorating and envitalizing art. With that in mind, an appreciation for the unique opportunity and personal responsibility to do so also substantially grows.


Some action shots from the WingChun Seminar in Atlanta.

Despite the traveling and jetlagging, it was a pleasure to visit our WingChun family in Atlanta. Sihing Kurk, Sihing Ayron, and their students are an attentive and grateful group. Congratulations in particular to Nathan Wood and Rosanna Chung for achieving the international standard to pass Student Level 3. Keep up the great work you’ve started. See everyone in Georgia next time. See everyone in California next week.


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