Academy Programs

The International Academy of WingChun® offers one primary course of study: WingChun.

However, we present the Art and Science and Self-Defense™, which is a comprehensive rubric. Thus, in addition to the universal major of WingChun, we also have supplementary fields of inquiry. These are optional minors for members intent on pursuing a broader range of expertise beyond specialization in the standard WingChun Program:

Combat Program
Weapon Program
Degree Program

WingChun in and of itself is already a complete system, which is more than enough to master as a single curriculum. However, for the curious and ambitious, there is more. Read on to familiarize yourself with additional specific information on each of these parallel tracks.

WingChun Program | Standard Major

The ongoing basis of your education at the Academy is the WingChun curriculum taught during Regular Classes. These are offered 2-3 times per week at each training location. You will learn and refine the first 12 Levels, which gives you a diverse repertoire of practical knowledge for complete Self-Defense. To promote your tangible assurance in these skills, your progress is evaluated every 6-12 weeks.

Prerequisite: None
: Regular Classes, WingChun Seminars
: 2-3/Week

Combat Program | Optional Minor

Combat is about spontaneity and autonomy. As a parallel course of study, it is a valuable supplement to the standard WingChun Program. In particular, you gain confidence in close ranges and late situations where attacks such as locks, grabs, throws, knees, and elbows are possible. Another valuable element of Combat is physical conditioning and psychological preparation for Self-Defense.

Prerequisite: None
: Combat Classes
: 6/Year

Weapon Program | Optional Minor

For weapons Self-Defense, the Academy offers Escrima. Simple exercises and clear strategies allow you to quickly learn and apply yourself effectively. Protective objects such as a stick are most useful when you understand how to mobilize it properly. Escrima gives you the ability to achieve that security. This additional competence makes it a perfect complement to WingChun.

Prerequisite: None
: Escrima Classes, Escrima Seminars
: 12/Year

Degree Program | Optional Minor

Become officially certified as a WingChun Instructor. Training WingChun is one thing, teaching it is another. So the IAW institutes this level of practice to encompass additional information relevant and conducive to a clear and effective transmission of the system. Not only must an Instructor be more well-versed in practical movements but theoretical comprehension as well. This first two phases of this process leads to the Assistant Instructor Degree (AID) and Instructor Degree I (IDI) which are qualifications to lead a WingChun Group and an Academy of WingChun, respectively.

Assistant Instructor Degree
Instructor Degree I-III
WingChun Diploma
WingChun Sifu

Prerequisite: None
: Degree Modules, Degree Exams
: 12/Year

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