San Francisco Grand Opening


The first class at the Academy of WingChun® San Francisco.

Thanks to all who attended the Grand Opening of the Academy of WingChun® San Francisco. Your participation was essential to making it a great time and fun success. We were very happy to meet each and every newcomer to our IAW family. It was a joy to work with such a friendly and engaging group that demonstrated obvious WingChun potential.


A great start to our San Francisco family.

Sihing Gerald and Sihing Charlie presented a clear, simple introduction to our Self-Defense system. Everyone demonstrated both sustained interest and quick skill. So we’d like to extend a warm welcome to our San Francisco members. And look forward to their contribution to the growth, strength, and diversity of our community of practitioners.


Sihing Gerald teaches enthusiastic beginners.

After the class, a small celebration was in order. Thus, we headed to a local eatery to digest the evening and plan the future. The bright vision of what will unfold in the years to come includes you and us. Will you please join in a toast? To the happy and healthy attainment of our mutual goals as individuals in training and partners in practice.


A toast to a wonderful beginning and upcoming success.

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