Summer Seminar

We have only four WingChun Seminars a year, once per season, at the HQ.

July is the month we have planned for this Summer. All are welcome to attend in order to upgrade the skill set of your Student Level (SL) Program. We’ve planned four great hours to thoroughly review your movements and refine your understanding. It’s always a fun time to meet with everyone and a satisfying feeling to be secure in what you know.

Also, please note that Testing will be available for SL 1-8. Please check with your Sihing beforehand to make sure you are prepared to advance.

WingChun Seminar
Sunday, July 26
1:00-5:30 pm

To register, please send or bring in your payment to:

IAW-US Headquarters
1380 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94702

For more information, please email us or visit our Events page.

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