Summer Seminar Success

USHQSeminar26.07.09_500pxA super successful Summer Seminar Sunday. Thanks to all who participated and contributed their energy and enthusiasm. To those that didn’t attend, make sure to join in the fun next time. That’s in six weeks on September 6.

USHQSeminar26.07.09.1_500pxCongratulations to all who pursued and passed their Testing. These are our proud Student Level graduates this round:

Jesus Cisneros, SL 1
Will Ma, SL 3
Deidre Zafar, SL 4
Brian Watson, SL 4
Marty Patin, SL 4
Alex Johnson, SL 5
Ben Campbell, SL 5
Manish Bhatt, SL 5
Ian Johnson, SL 6

USHQSeminar26.07.09.2_500pxAlso a big thumbs up to those who attended just to train their Program. It says a lot about your dedication to put forth this effort towards consistent improvement. Remember, repetition leads to realization.

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