Polling on WingChun Videos

The International Academy of WingChun has produced and published six videos in order to give the general public a basic sense of our particular system. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps a video is worth a thousand pictures. We can even go as far as to say that an experience is worth a thousand videos.

Thus, if these videos have piqued your interest in or challenged your conception of WingChun or Self-Defense, we encourage you to try a class or attend a seminar. Meanwhile, let us know which three of the following videos are your favorites. We will use your feedback in potential future efforts:


WingChun System

A diverse demonstration of the unique WingChun system by International Academy of WingChun® (IAW) students and instructors:

MD: Master Degree
TG: Technician Grade
PPL: Pre-Primary Level
SL: Student Level
Sihing: Male Teacher
Sije: Female Teacher
Sifu: Master

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IAW Headquarters Trip – Day Ten

The talented cast for our action-packed IAW filming day.

We met bright and early on Sunday morning to begin filming at a professional studio. This was the culmination of our preparation during the last several days. For this IAW introduction video, Sifu selected the following cast:

  • Sifu Alexander Lemuth
  • Sihing Alexander Decker
  • Sihing Igor Peic
  • Sihing Marc Brandt
  • Sije Nina Brandt
  • Sihing Ralph Dahl
  • Sihing Tobias Ries
  • Sihing Denis Brandt
  • Stephan Kaiser
  • Alexandre Liard
  • Mario Lackus
  • Patrick Stuppert
  • Aylin Hurst

Aylin Hurst demonstrating 4th Student Level with Mario Lackus.

In various combinations, the above WingChun performers demonstrated exciting parts of our system. Recording these high impact visuals took all our dedicated participation. Along with editors, Sifu will decide what ultimately makes it into our two-minute cut, but action footage included samples of:

  • Siu Nim Tau (Small Intention)
  • Tsum Kiu (Seeking Bridge)
  • Biu Jee (Darting Fingers)
  • Sections 1-5, 8, 13, 15, 17
  • Program Applications

Sifu Klaus Brand with Sifu Alexander Lemuth in action.

I’m sure you can’t wait to see how this latest, and likely last, production turns out. Granted, it will be worth each second of the five hard hours everyone put in. For me to be here and involved with this collective project was an honor.

Sije Nina Brandt applying Tan Kuen on Sihing Ralph Dahl.

IAW Headquarters Trip – Day Nine

My final weekend kicked off with a bang of weapons during our Escrima Class. This was also the sequel to my testing for the Espada y Daga Level, the fourth of nine, along with Sihing Marc. We drew our swords and then sparks flew. It was also a treat to see Sifu transmit Combat Level material. Today he presented staff and spear methods. Imagine warriors of Sparta come alive.

After years of training and hours of testing, Sifu conferred to Sihing Marc and I the Espada y Daga Level certification. This was at once a proud and humbling moment, realizing some attainment as well as much more ahead.

A little break later, we rejoined for a Diploma Class. Continue reading

IAW Headquarters Trip – Day Eight

It was a free Friday morning. So I took off to Karlsruhe for a tasty lunch at my usual eatery there and a sunny stroll through the pedestrian-friendly streets.

This time, while crossing a long arcing bridge on the way downtown, I even managed to happen upon several dust-bathing elephants. I’ll have to assume they were just local zoo denizens. Taking advantage of the extremely convenient public transport system, I made it back in time to Bruchsal for a Special Class at the Headquarters.

The current summer event schedule has been perfect for an indefatigable WingChun journeyman like myself, since many days have featured multiple trainings. Today is no exception as we subsequently geared up for a Master Class, my second one this visit.

Tonight integrated a wide-ranging mix of representative excerpts from our Forms, Sections and Applications. Sifu was deliberately preparing us for our important Sunday endeavor. In an earlier post, I briefly referred to this occassion. I’d like to elaborate. Continue reading