Polling on WingChun Teachers

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In the IAW, certified WingChun® teachers are called Sihing or Sije (male or female instructors, respectively) that have attained a minimum of the 9th Student Level (SL) Graduation and have at least completed the Assistant Degree (AD) Program.

Currently, there are about 25 worldwide who lead, or help teach at, an IAW Group or Academy. They have the responsibility to spread the WingChun® system according to IAW standards. That means they must continually maintain their own quality of training, as well as the consistent progress of their students.

Besides these objective professional requirements, what specific personal qualities do you most appreciate in a WingChun® teacher? Please choose three from the list below. Thanks for your contribution, which will help us optimize our teacher training program:

4 thoughts on “Polling on WingChun Teachers

  1. I would say all of the above would be best. I would also add that a good teacher can figure out a student’s learning style and communicate the skills he’s trying to teach in the way that best engages the student’s learning style. (For example, some students absorb kinesthetic knowledge best after they’ve cerebrally figured out the theory of what they’re trying to do, others have to kinesthetically do the movements before any theory will take hold.)

  2. This quote (allegedly from legendary UCLA football coach John Wooden) addresses an interesting and important point:

    “A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.”

    By paraphrasing, we can highlight an important aspect of being a good Sihing.

  3. I appreciate your participating comments, Austin and Chris. It is rare and, thus, we can be grateful to find a teacher who embodies even a few, let alone all, of the above qualities. Let us strive to embody them as worthy goals.


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