Like Learning a Language


Sihing Paul Wang and Chris Bobek at Schloss Bruchsal.

It is commonly recognized that German is a notoriously challenging language to understand, let alone confidently express with a passing fluency. But as long as you keep an open ear, the keen brain can begin to tease out certain patterns. Words and even phrases start to crystallize their encoded meanings.

The comprehension of WingChun movement has a comparable learning progression with its diverse vocabulary of defined techniques which impart practical significance only with steady repetition over dedicated time. Obviously, active or, better, interactive exercise within a proven methodology of systematic programs such as articulated as the IAW curriculum is a much more efficient context of education than passive absorption.

The latter is akin to wishful proficiency of linguistic aptitude via eavesdropping chance conversations. Or, similarly, casually browsing random video clips as a hopelessly hopeful Self-Defense study. These are cheap pastimes compared to the value of a real education.

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