Believe to Acheive

IAWEvent280609Action at the IAW Event on June 28, 2009 in Stuttgart

With sure probability, our process forges quality practitioners and true artists regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, or any other arbitrary categorization. If that is the case, then are there special requirements or unique characteristics of success? What sets apart or, rather, distinctly motivates the ones who really excel at WingChun?

There are potentially physical and psychological attributes. Obviously, social and environmental factors can’t be fully ruled out either. But the inherited variables of athletic talent or economic means are insufficient. In all fields, there are instances of pedigreed prodigies destined to become generational exemplars or multigenerational icons. No matter how well groomed by parents and coaches or readily dismissed by media and peers, the best identify an internal conviction. Their burning desire incinerates easy excuses and ignites real action. This passion sustained leads them towards actualization regardless of external circumstances – ideal and bad – or expectations – lofty and low.

At least it’s true in the IAW that exemplary practitioners like Sifu Alex Lemuth, Sifu Dirk Ilig, and Sihing Jürgen Kaminski, let alone Sifu Klaus Brand, embody this animating attribute. However, you can even witness such a vital spark in the bright eyes of our little WingChun Tigers. Nonetheless, fortitude of will is not endowed just as a gift of youth or merely the privilege of experience. Seeded in each, it fruits all along the path of practice. The question is just when it blossoms and for how long it endures.

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