Back in Bruchsal


Sihing Paul, Sifu Klaus, and Gerald quench their thirst. Prost!

Germany, at least the parts I frequent, almost seems like a second home now. If not for my favorite cafes, bakeries, and breweries, than for the feeling of familiarity and comfort due to the people.

Besides the friendly locals, these are our WingChun brothers and sisters that represent the European side of the IAW family across the Atlantic (plus the continental US for us training on the West Coast) who are always instantly welcoming and sincerely glad to meet once again. What is this reception nourished by but for the recognition of another who shares a passion? Or maybe we are coincidentally all sweet guys and nice gals.

Glad to see Sifu again. It’s only been a couple months since he visited us in California. I even already had a lesson along with Sifu Alex yesterday. Look forward to more. As well as soon reconnecting with Sifu Ed and Sifu Tony from the UK.

The first day of the annual IAW Event 2009 begins soon.

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