Video: WingChun Chi Sao (Adhering Arms) Applications

During a recent Primary Workshop at the United States Headquarters of the International Academy of WingChun (IAW) in Berkeley, California, I had participants drill three application excerpts within the IAW partner sequences. These are known (and demonstrated in the video) as Lat Sao (Casting Arms), Chi Sao (Adhering Arms) and Guo Sao (Passing Arms), respectively. The goal is synergizing technique, power and speed.

Below is a brief technical analysis of the three combination options against a right punch preparation:

1. Lat Sao Application: Left outside parallel Pak Sao (Slapping Arm) with Che Gok Bo (Slant Angling Step Body) to right outside parallel Pak Sao followed by left outside Tsong Kuen (Thrusting Punch).

2. Left outside parallel Toi Kuen (Rising Punch) followed by right inside parallel Bong Sao (Winging Arm) followed by right inside Tan Sao (Spreading Arm) and left middle Tsong Kuen (Thrusting Punch).

3. Left outside parallel Bong Sao followed by right Fok Sao (Subduing Arm) and left inside Tsong Kuen followed by right inside parallel Wu Sao (Protecting Arm), left inside diagonal Pak Sao and right outside Tsong Kuen (Thrusting Punch).

Sihing Brandon Solano filmed my impromptu demonstration with Sihing Carl Hettiger on my iPhone 5. Thanks for watching!

Train Well,
Sifu Paul Wang
IAW-US Chief Instructor


Sifu Paul Wang is US Chief Instructor of the International Academy of WingChun (IAW). Drawing upon his academic education in Human Biomechanics and Integrative Biology from the University of California at Berkeley as well as graduate studies in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Physiology at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sifu Wang has taught the IAW system of WingChun to thousands of students since 1997.

Besides various cities in the United States, he has travelled to teach in England, France, Germany, the Philippines and Taiwan. Because of this extensive career spanning nearly two decades, he was formally conferred two of the highest distinctions in the IAW — the Sifu of WingChun and the 5th Technician Grade — in 2013. His well-rounded instruction enables students from all backgrounds to access a detailed and effective path of WingChun theory and practice. By presenting knowledge and skills through verbal explanations, active demonstrations and direct contact, you will feel the art come alive.

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