Welcome to my WingChun Blog.

Sifu Paul WangThanks your interest in WingChun. I can help you learn about WingChun to increase your Self-Defense skills, knowledge and confidence. Reading my articles will give you insights into WingChun theory, technique and training.

If you want me to cover a specific topic, feel free to contact me.

Train Well,
Sifu Paul Wang

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my WingChun Blog.

  1. good morning sihing Paul, i’m one of the student from the IAW malaysia. i really glad that i joined the right group. and i really hope one day i can be like u. because i think that u r so cool ….. your wingchun really fantastic. hope can meet with u one day. good luck ..

    • Ryan, thanks for your generous comment. I’m glad you, your fellow students and teacher are part of our IAW family. Perhaps I can visit Malaysia one day. My hope is that you become a better you through training, which inspires others to do the same for themselves. Train well.

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