My WingChun Trip Report


Sihing Paul at IAW Event 2012.

Since 2008, I’ve travelled to Germany half a dozen times. I’m grateful for these opportunities to do so. Without my students, colleagues or teacher, this would be impossible. They support me physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially, financially. No one succeeds, though each one must proceed, alone.

Years ago I realized that I wanted to seek a path, to master something, to become extraordinary. None of this is a big deal. I am not the first to dream as such, even among the thousands to have come and gone in this last decade of the IAW. However, the sheer reality of necessary resources invested long-term is another matter. Continue reading

Student Spotlight on Chris Bobek

Chris Bobek WingChun

Chris and Sihing Tom in Lat Sao.

Chris Bobek is an up and coming WingChun teacher in Berkeley and San Francisco. In the five years he’s been training with us, I’ve observed him steadily develop into a well-rounded practitioner.

What’s strikes me is his demeanor, always cheerful, reliably helpful. His focus never seems to be on himself but rather on who he is transmitting his knowledge to. Continue reading