WingChun and the Science of Body Language

Superman1Have you heard of TED Talks? Recently, I watched one of their most popular videos with over 23 million views. I wish our WingChun mini-documentary had that many views!

Anyways, this talk by Havard social psychologist, Amy Cuddy had the intriguing title, “Your Body Language Shapes Who Your Are“. It made me realize why everyone always feels better after a WingChun class.

Please sit up! I say that because how you carry yourself profoundly affects your hormones. That in turn affects the way you think, feel, speak, act and appear. Specifically, research shows a mere two minutes of “power posing” substantially lowers cortisol and boosts testosterone.

Guess what? WingChun is nothing but “power posing” in each technique and every movement from head to toe!

We start by setting a solid stance firmly rooted to the ground. Then we project that through your legs, spine and arms. You step with full intention. You strike with total balance. Maybe you had a anxious, stressful day. But it melts as you settle into WingChun flow.

So the thing is, the science says to do “power posing” for two minutes. That means pretending like you’re Superman, Wonder Woman or whatever hero you like. You may or may not make that a habit.

But if two minutes can drop your jittery cortisol by 25% and raise your dominant testosterone by 20%, imagine what a single one-hour class of deliberate WingChun “power posing” will do for you. And you aren’t just holding a static pose. We dynamically train your body in a wide range of motion. You don’t just take up space but own it. With 6 months to a year of practice and hundreds to thousands of repetitions later, you will be upgraded if not transformed.

Thanks for taking the time to read and think about what I just shared with you about body language and WingChun. Try to work on that, even if we don’t quite have the karma interact in person.

If you live in or visit the San Francisco Bay Area, I invite you to try WingChun for two weeks at 85% off our regular rates. Just click here to register.

Sp does body language fascinate you too? Tell me what you know!

The Momentum of WingChun



noun | mō-ˈmen-təm
1. the quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity.

You study WingChun, not physics, so why care about momentum? One goal in WingChun is maximizing the projection of our physical power. That increases your destructive effect, which is valuable for you to rapidly end a self-defense encounter. As the study of matter, energy and their interaction, physics is relevant to this objective. Remember, physics is not abstract but emerges from the observation of reality. Momentum is the aspect of physics that describes the quantity of motion an object has.

Of course, you have to repeat WingChun movements many thousands of times towards proficiency. But knowledge of momentum will help you do so with better results sooner. It is theory that will benefit your practice by understanding what variables to adjust, whereas WingChun shows you how. You might even say WingChun is physics in action. Continue reading

The Function of Form

WingChunManWuI’m going to discuss a method of WingChun training which we call Form. There are four Forms in our system, each with its own range and quality of movement. The first Form, Siu Nim Tau, focuses your intention and power into a single technique. The second Form, Tsum Kiu, coordinates all four limbs into asymmetrical combinations. The third Form, Biu Jee, teaches torso dynamics. The fourth Form, Mok Yan Jang, increases the synergy of your whole body. These are generalities but give you an idea of our Form objectives. Continue reading