IAW Headquarters Trip – Day Four

The day began early with a sequence of five Private Lessons planned with Sihing Ralph, Sihing Tobias, Sihing Chris and Sihing Martin. Because of the mental and physical intensity of these sessions, it was nice of Sifu to schedule a break so we could refuel. I filled up with a big salad and small coffee.

We are all working on the Fourth Technician Grade. Of course, it is essential to note that this not only includes Section 13-17 based on the Mok Yan Jang form, but equal treatment of all Programs to date.

I really like this characteristic equanimity throughout the entire IAW system, where no one and no thing is more important than another. There is no best concept or movement, perhaps save for that which you actually train to do, let alone magical secrets and shortcuts. Continue reading

IAW Headquarters Trip – Day One

After a tolerable flight, I landed in Frankfurt today at high noon. It was a balmy 30° C, which Sifu promptly calculated as 86° F using a conversion heuristic. Incidentally and otherwise, I always learn a lot from him. We enjoyed catching up a bit while heading back to Bruchsal.

A few hours later, despite some lingering jetlag, I was fortunately able to maintain decent focus and adequate energy through a Technician Class and Master Class at the IAW Headquarters. In each, we covered the Biu Jee (Darting Fingers) form and Mok Yan Jang (Wooden Person Pile) function, respectively. I discovered enlightening links between these advanced programs and the fundamental levels.

It was an exciting commencement of my trip to spend a dynamic three hours with my WingChun colleagues, diligent exemplaries like Sifu Alex, Sihing Igor, Sihing Alex, Sihing Marc and Sihing Tobias. Tomorrow we meet again with Degree and Technician aspirants for five more hours of fun.

Congratulations to Sije Nina


Sije Nina Wortmann, 3rd TG
Co-Leader, Academy of WingChun Mannheim

3rd Technician Grade in WingChun® is the highest graduation which a woman has ever achieved worldwide. I would like to express my respect here. Attaining this level of graduation requires a lot of discipline and diligence. Nina serves as a pioneering example for all women in the International Academy of WingChun®.

Well done Nina!
Your Sifu

Youngest Technician


Sihing Marvin Gastel, 1st Technician Grade
Sifu Alexander Lemuth, 5th Master Degree
after passing Technician Exam on 22/12/2008

Marvin, who started training WingChun at the age of 5 years and continues until today, is particularly noteworthy as one of the most diligent students Sifu Alex has developed. Today, Marvin at age 14 is the youngest Sihing and 1st Technician Grade of the International Academy of WingChun.

The path of Marvin should serve as an example to all young students and show that you can go very far with determination and hard work. I mention this because in all the years I have seen many come and go. Most simply lack the patience and passion.

Congratulations, Marvin!

Your Sifu