Youngest Technician


Sihing Marvin Gastel, 1st Technician Grade
Sifu Alexander Lemuth, 5th Master Degree
after passing Technician Exam on 22/12/2008

Marvin, who started training WingChun at the age of 5 years and continues until today, is particularly noteworthy as one of the most diligent students Sifu Alex has developed. Today, Marvin at age 14 is the youngest Sihing and 1st Technician Grade of the International Academy of WingChun.

The path of Marvin should serve as an example to all young students and show that you can go very far with determination and hard work. I mention this because in all the years I have seen many come and go. Most simply lack the patience and passion.

Congratulations, Marvin!

Your Sifu