Student Spotlight on Brandon Solano

Training is essential. Without it there is no Self-Defense and there is no WingChun.
— Brandon Solano

Occasionally, we choose to highlight the experiences of a particular IAW member. This time I’m proud to put the worthy focus on Sihing Brandon Solano, our IAW-US Headquarters Instructor who specializes in teaching the WingChun Tigers (Children Group). Besides being one of a few Instructors worldwide who have earned the title of Sihing (Teacher), he is also a welcoming pillar within our local WingChun family. Please read below as he recounts his path to and perspectives on training. If you find it relevant and interesting, please feel free to comment and share your feedback.

Sihing Brandon Solano at his Pre-Primary Level graduation.

Name: Brandon Solano
Graduation: Pre-Primary Level
Academy: HQ Berkeley
Instructor: Sihing Paul Wang
Started: June 2004
Occupation: Student
Hometown: Berkeley, CA

How did you hear about WingChun?
It was my first year of junior high and, like most young martial art enthusiasts, I was guilty of being a Bruce Lee fanatic. I did not know much about martial arts from personal experience; but I read lots of articles and books about it and of course watched movies. I researched some martial arts “styles” that Bruce Lee had learned and one of them was “wing chun”. The description of this martial art was very intriguing; online, people would talk about how a small person can defeat a larger adversary using economical movements (though I really did not understand what that meant at the time). That year I met my sister’s boyfriend, Bubba, who I was not really sure about at the time. Continue reading

Newest Sihing

Worldwide, there is a small group of individuals who contribute in a very specific way to the IAW. These we designate as “Sihing”, which simply connotes “Teacher”. However, it is not easy to attain and maintain this role because it is a substantial and ongoing responsibility. The mininum requirements are the 9th Student Level and the Assistant Degree, which together takes at least a couple years of dedicated training. Another important obligation is appointment into the active position of regularly leading students, either as a Group or Academy Leader or in direct assistance to one.

Thus, we are glad to announce the latest IAW-US member who has fulfilled these requirements and can therefore be rightfully called a Sihing. After ten months of demonstrating his commitment to teaching the WingChun Tigers as well as multifaceted personal support to me in operations at the IAW-US Headquarters, I am very proud, along with the recent approval of Sifu Klaus Brand, to present Sihing Brandon Solano.