Introduction to Self-Defense for Kids

It was a great class. I learned a lot and feel more confident!
— Sophie C.

A diverse assortment of kids from The Berkeley School (formerly, Berkeley Montessori) came to visit the Headquarters in Berkeley yesterday. I’ve given the WingChun download, so to speak, to a lot of different people and groups. It’s never the same. But I especially enjoyed educating this bright, engaged audience. Good questions, great energy!

I thought I wasn’t going to like this class, but I really enjoyed it! Thanks!
— Hazel M.

One of them had just been mugged the day before. I’m glad she escaped safely, though without her iPod. However, this incident woke them up to the reality and relevance of Self-Defense. They were motivated to more confidently confront such unpredictable situations. I made sure not to disappoint. Continue reading

Mother and Daughter Workshop

Excellent! I feel a lot more confident, definitely coming back.
— Alexandra H.

Recently, I was approached by a concerned mother about teaching a class for young women. Specifically, they were coming of age and transitioning to a new chapter in their lives; that is, taking off to college this fall or travelling abroad this summer.

I liked that you incorporated our questions and ideas.
— Madison S.

In other words, they face an exciting but scary near-future. We all fear the unknown. Which is why any practice that makes us feel more open and aware, secure and prepared helps. Especially one that develops personal skills for you to trust yourself anywhere. That’s valuable because it is always with you.
Continue reading

Spotlight on Tyler Gouvea

WingChun is something you can take anywhere.

My job is my joy! I feel lucky that we have attracted such great people to our WingChun family. By this I don’t just mean diligent students but genuinely amazing individuals who I look forward to spending quality time with several days a week. If you’re a friendly, pragmatic person, please join us!

Tyler is one such unique member of our training community. He is respected for his outstanding skills and loved for his enthusiastic personality. I have complete confidence in his capable, approachable and sovereign expression of our system. For these reasons, I trust him to assist me in teaching classes.

It is my hope that his potential be fully actualized through the practice he is well on his way upon both as a practitioner and instructor of the art. Tyler is a positive example to others and a helpful inspiration for me. Please read on as he shares his experience below: Continue reading

Student Spotlight on Deidre Zafar

WingChun provides direct access to “Wow!”
— Deidre Zafar

I’m pleased to present a Student Spotlight on Deidre Zafar from our Santa Cruz, California location. I have observed her growth over the years and am glad to see her continued dedication to progress under the skillful tutelage of her direct teachers, as well as regular guidance by Sifu Klaus Brand and myself.

Her particular insights as a female practitioner of WingChun who is entering the Upper Levels of the system are especially unique contributions. I enjoyed reading about her personal experience and hope you will too. Feel free to leave a comment and discuss her perspectives below: Continue reading

IAW Headquarters Trip – Day Five

Last night I enjoyed a dusk walk, and even a ripe snack of dark wild cherries, in the smiling countryside. This verdant landscape painted with flowering accents and framed by citrus skies seeped into my sleep.

My morning was mostly free. The only day off this trip. I used it to digest the copious information presented so far. Taking notes is a useful exercise to replay body patterns in mind, even if you can’t read them later on due to illegibilty or unintelligibility.

It wasn’t until evening that I reconvened with Sihing Tobias for one of the regular classes at the HQ. He introduced me as the US National Instructor and asked that I help teach his students. I was more than glad to oblige. Even while vowing once again to learn more German.

The fortunate fact is that WingChun is a universal language. Self-Defense is a basic human concern. Continue reading