Three Cornerstones

The Three Cornerstones of WingChun.

Recently, I did a poll on Facebook and my blog. I was curious what you wanted to read about. Because of your feedback, I am laying out a vital model. To represent it visually, I created the graphic at the right.

Specifically, I will expand on several of the WingChun Principles and Mottoes written by Sifu Klaus Brand. Composed as concise strategic aphorisms, they deserve further commentary.

I’d like to share my personal experience working with them, starting with Mottoes 3, 4 and 5: Continue reading

WingChun Principles and Mottoes

Most styles of martial art have their own theory of practice. The WingChun system founded by Sifu Klaus Brand and transmitted by the International Academy of WingChun contains certain concepts based on our own research into functional Self-Defense.

These principles coordinate the performance and optimize the effectiveness of our technical movements. Many of them are in stark contrast to, and even conflict with, the ideas of more traditional lineages. We are not seeming iconoclasts for mere difference’s sake. The evolution, or perhaps revolution, of IAW WingChun is towards a theory and practice of Self-Defense unlimited by past doctrine and delineated by present applicability alone.

To paraphrase an old adage:

Theory without practice is fake art,
Practice without theory is dumb art,
Theory with practice is true art.

理論結合實踐是真功夫。 Continue reading

WingChun System

A diverse demonstration of the unique WingChun system by International Academy of WingChun® (IAW) students and instructors:

MD: Master Degree
TG: Technician Grade
PPL: Pre-Primary Level
SL: Student Level
Sihing: Male Teacher
Sije: Female Teacher
Sifu: Master

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