IAW Headquarters Trip – Day Six

At the evening class yesterday, Sihing Tobias forwarded a request from Sifu to meet me the next morning. I didn’t realize until today that he had planned two Private Lessons, which we often call a Double Lesson. That was a most pleasant surprise. After all, my main reason for coming is to do as much as possible.

And this was a particularly interesting session, especially dense with myriad combinations of Section applications, since it served as both specific education in my Program and a general preparation for Sunday. But more on that later.

Then in the afternoon I headed over to Mannheim and visited Sihing Marc and Sije Nina at their Academy of WingChun. It was a scenic 45 minutes from Bruchsal via direct train. When I arrived, Sije Nina gave me a quick city tour en route. Laid out along a numbered grid, the many one-way streets and tight parallel parking reminded me of home.

Meanwhile, Sihing Marc was busily engaged in a triple-header of sequentially instructing his WingChun Tigers, Youth and Adults. I joined them for the last 90 minutes during which it was informative to watch a fellow practitioner’s teaching style and his students’ learning responses. This observational reflection was between my training bouts with Sije Nina, with whom I quite enjoy flowing. It seemed others liked the lively interaction as well, stopping to absorb our mutual movements.

We finished spending the warm evening sharing experiences over a delicious dinner. What more could I ask for from a WingChun life?