Annual To Due

Most of you have already submitted your 2009 IAW Membership, due just once a year. If you are one of the remaining who have not, please finish that ASAP. Either do so in person if you attend local classes at the IAW-US HQ. Otherwise, please send it in to “IAW-US HQ, 1380 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702”. Any checks are payable to Sifu, so please write those out to “Klaus Brand”.

Your annual $30 membership supports the overall IAW organization, which sustains us here at the IAW-US. Specifically, your contribution goes directly into hosting Grandmaster Brand for his biannual teaching visits, the continued research and development of our WingChun system, and covering ongoing costs such as producing your passports, certificates, and emblems. It also gives you full access to attendance and discounts to classes and events at any and all IAW groups or Academies worldwide, including promotional testing opportunities.

Finally, as an IAW member, you’re part of a group of diligent people – from student to Sihing to Sifu – who proudly make WingChun real to you and others.