Spotlight on Adam Medhurst

On February 26, 2012, Adam Medhurst, a member of the United Kingdom branch of the International Academy of WingChun (IAW), became our youngest Technician at age 18. I remember meeting him almost exactly three years ago to the day during my 2009 trip to England with Sifu Klaus Brand. We have been in touch ever since via this blog and my Facebook.

Adam receiving his 1st Technician Grade certification from IAW Grandmaster, Sifu Klaus Brand, as his proud teachers Sifu Ed Pettitt and Sifu Tony Hollander look on.

He is an living example of patience plus diligence over time. Not many, regardless of age, continually invest in their chosen craft for the long-term. Adam earns my respect and that of his worldwide IAW family. Congratulations and keep walking the way of the WingChun warrior! Continue reading

OK in UK

Actually, it’s better than OK here in the UK. As the English might say, it’s been quite lovely. Or, I dare say, brilliant.


Every day we’ve trained for an average of 3 hours. That’s just trying to look the right (literally, rather than left) way before crossing traffic. Not to mention figuring out the coin denominations (bigger is not really better) and improving beer metabolism (as easy as for the locals as digesting water).


As for WingChun itself, we spent another 3 hours each day. Our art is the consistent worldwide, no matter what side of the street cars are driven on. On that note, it’s great to see more of our IAW-UK family. There are those I met in Germany during the 2008 IAW Event in Stuttgart. As well as many more fresh faces and new names. What is the same is the standard of quality, the passion for practice, and the gratitude in learning. The consistency of these values in the UK, Germany, and the US is just lovely.


Upon arriving in Tunbridge Wells on Thursday evening (after upon my arrival in Frankfurt on Thursday morning), we promptly quenched our thirst at a local pub, a converted opera house. That was an introduction to real Guinness, at least closer to the source than you can get in American supermarket aisles. Sifu was right about the tasty difference, but the cheery atmosphere also helped. Friday was a dynamic Technician Workshop for Pre-Primary Levels and above during which we covered main points of the Third and Fifth Section. Saturday we had a Technician Testing to check performance in Basics, Form, and Lat Sao for the the Technician aspirants. Sunday continued with a full four-hour WingChun Seminar for all students. Sifu introduced his latest Dan Chi methodology as well as many powerful applications for Student Levels 2-6. Besides the Technicians, everyone else attended not to test but just to train. It was great to see that kind of motivation.

iawukcastle022309We, including Sihing Ralph Dahl who I hadn’t seen since 2001 in California, will be here a couple more days to work with Sifu Ed and Sifu Tony, IAW-UK National Instructors. Then it’s back to Deutschland.

So see soon you there back here on this blog!

Take Care and Train Well,
Your Sihing

Across the Atlantic

During late February, I will travel to the IAW-HQ in Bruchsal, Germany and the IAW-UK HQ in Tunbridge Wells, England to meet with IAW Grandmaster, Sifu Klaus Brand, during a series of Special Events:

  • 2/20/09: Technician Class, IAW-UK
  • 2/21/09: Technician Exam, IAW-UK
  • 2/22/09: WingChun Seminar, IAW-UK
  • 2/27/09: Technician Class, IAW-HQ
  • 2/27/09: Master Class, IAW-HQ
  • 2/28/09: Combat Class, IAW-HQ

As a long-time Private Student of Sifu Brand, I also plan to continue my progress through the IAW curriculum by pursuing the WingChun 4th Technician Grade, WingChun 3rd Instructor Degree and Escrima Dos Manos program qualifications. Of course, upon my return to the IAW-US, you’ll benefit by receiving the latest upgrades and deepest insights of our system.