How Fast Should You Punch?

So how fast should you punch?

As fast as you can! Well…yes and no. Let’s breakdown this question a bit. (Hint: Is it even the right question?)

At first, I was surprised to get comments on our videos which critiqued our punches as slow. Slow? Maybe we were slowing down for filming purposes. No. Perhaps we couldn’t move quickly enough. Uh, nope. This bothered me until I identified the underlying misconception.

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The 8 Most Dangerous Mistakes of “Wing Chun” Systems

Biohazard Sign

Warning. WingChun hazards ahead.

As I promised, here is the translation. I’m proud to feature a guest post by Sifu Klaus Brand. In it, he identifies common traits of many “wing chun” styles and explains why they are liabilities. Due to novel research on Self-Defense efficacy, the IAW WingChun system has adopted an adapted approach. This makes us different in many ways to more traditional practices.

If you’ve read my commentary on our YouTube videos, you’ve noticed the often emotional, and occasionally antagonistic, response to our presentation. For instance, our technical expression of power and violation of occupation on the centerline is scrutinized. Such cognitive incongruence is more than understandable. Stepping outside of the orthodox box of “wing chun” exposes us to critique. The following points make our unique — perhaps heretical or even revolutionary — application of WingChun somewhat clearer. Continue reading