With Sifu in Atlanta

Last week I traveled to Atlanta, Georiga — along with other WingChun instructors and students from California, Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania — and met with Sifu Klaus Brand for several days of focused training. This is the fourth period of quality time I’ve be fortunate enough to spend with Sifu this year.

As always, I learned many essential ideas and minute details which I immediately incorporate into my overall understanding and ongoing teaching of the system. Thanks to Sihing Kurk Johnson and Sihing Ayron Johnson, Leaders of the Academy of WingChun Atlanta, for hosting us so graciously.

We also had the opportunity to complete an interview for the local news site, East Cobb Patch. It was an interesting and insightful process to articulate WingChun to the media. Here is the article that was written up about us by Benn Wineka: Continue reading

Student Spotlight on Nathan Wood

I realized that I wanted to grow. I wanted to become better at something — to begin to develop a skill, and in the process, develop my mind and body.
— Nathan Wood

Nathan has impressed me with his respect, focus and diligence since the first time I met him in Atlanta. My sense of his potential was not wrong as he has grown into a key member of his WingChun community. Each time I see him, his effort as demonstrated through progress in performance is very satisfying. He displays many qualities of the ideal student, which will serve him well in the long-term.

Nathan at Spring Camp 2010.

Name: Nathan Wood
Graduation: 6th Student Level
Academy: Atlanta
Instructor: Sihing Ayron Johnson
Started: October 2008
Occupation: Attorney
Hometown: Atlanta, GA

How did you find WingChun?
I’ve been interested in martial arts since I was a kid, but I never turned that interest into action by joining a school. A friend of mine has trained in a few different styles, and in the last few years he encouraged me to find a style I liked and try it out. I thought it was a good idea, so I started looking at different types of martial arts online. Continue reading