Way of WingChun Video

Way of WingChun Video

A dynamic scene from “Way of WingChun” by My-Linh Le.

Just published! Be one of the first to enjoy the latest film by My-Linh Le “Way of WingChun”. It is a mini-documentary featuring the story of Sifu Klaus Brand – WingChun Grandmaster – as well as the birth, evolution and transmission of our style via the International Academy of WingChun. Also see appearances by Sifu Paul Wang along with Instructors and Students of the International Academy of WingChun – US.

Click the link below to learn:

  • About his martial arts background and biography
  • Why he was compelled to create WingChun anew
  • How weapon movements informed his innovations
  • His personal interpretation of real combat tradition
  • The self-defense use of flight-or-fight physiology
  • Tension and power versus relaxation and softness
  • Three most important variables to train in WingChun
  • And more…

After watching, will you take a moment to Share the video with your friends, family, classmates and colleagues? WingChun is about empowering people with skill, knowledge and confidence. With your help, more everyday warriors will benefit from the art of WingChun. Here’s the direct link:


Many thanks! Vielen dank! 多謝! Muchas gracias! Merci beaucoup! Terima kasih! Maraming salamat!

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