Learn to Defend Herself


Applying Tsong Kuen (Thrusting Punch) and Dap Bo (Striding Step) to attack as defense.

In light of the recent Cleveland triple kidnap and rape case, it concerns and motivates me even more to empower women with real skills and strategies. You just have to make the decision and take the action to show up.

I must reiterate that not all martial arts are for functional Self-Defense. Archaic, aesthetic or acrobatic styles, however engaging or enjoyable, will not stop an intent attacker nor will a purely defensive one. Hence — albeit we invoke Self-Defense in name — a primary principle in practice is to “Attack the Attacker” (Plan A) or, when that is temporarily untenable, to first “Attack the Attack” (Plan B) followed by a resumption of Plan A. You must rapidly reverse roles. Transform from being threatened to being threatening. That requires infusing the full physical, emotional and mental resources of your entire person to debilitate anatomical vulnerabilities of a perpetrator, rather than yield to or comply with him such as this article on military sexual assaults states.

Overly domesticated members of society often shirk from confronting the seamier realities of humanity such as pedophilia or psychopathy. 99.99% of the time, there are no consequences to this conscious neglect or subconscious blindness. But with a little courage, willingness and knowledge, you can help yourself and others to defend themselves in the chaotic 0.01% where the worst imaginable actually happens. I pray that everyone who reads these words will never encounter the vile face of true violence masked by media (films, games, news) portrayals. If you doubt that mere avoidance is foolproof or that police will appear to save you, then please do yourself a favor before and not after something deeply painful occurs. Fear, hope and ignorance are useful means only as motivators of proactive change.

The instinct to survive at all costs is our primal endowment. Hopefully, polite culture, political correctness or patriarchal control has not bred, brainwashed and broken this vital spirit out of you. You are allowed to retaliate when necessary and may cultivate the confident competence to do so through proper training. There are better techniques to trust than urinating or vomiting. You may fumble your pepper spray or drop your concealed gun. Know that your keen mind and muscles, naked body and bones are weapon enough — if you are progressively educated to operate them as such. Our instructors would be honored to pass on a direct, practical and effective WingChun Self-Defense system to you. I beckon you to at least try sooner than later.

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