My Headquarters Visit 2011, Part 1

For the fifth time, I’ve made a pilgrimage to the IAW homeland.

Since the main purpose of my trip is to further my physical knowledge, I like to use my time efficiently. Thus, despite travel fatigue I joined the HQ Bruchsal evening class on the same day of my arrival to Germany.

Actually, being a WingChun fanatic, if not lunatic, I could not resist. Plus, Sifu tempted me by announcing he was teaching. Now, he only does so in the regular classes once or twice a year! It was a pleasure he decided to surprise the students while I’m here.

I appreciate the privilege of seeing Sifu instruct in this particular context. He handles the pace and flow of a class with ease and grace. His timing and balance of serious action with light humor is impeccable. I am reminded that a high quality of professional engagement can be merged with a huge quantity of personal enjoyment.

We had three groups studying the themes of 1st Student Level (SL) Pak Sao, 4th SL Dan Chi Sao and 6th SL Puen Sao. I’ve said this before but my Deutsch could do well to improve. My ears miss much, but my eyes little. At least I am a fair paralinguist.

Until next time. Train well!

Continue on to Part 2.

Let me know how do you learn best. Is it by seeing, hearing or feeling? Are you a visual learner or do you need a logical explanation and physical demonstration? Post your comment below:

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