Mother and Daughter Workshop

Excellent! I feel a lot more confident, definitely coming back.
— Alexandra H.

Recently, I was approached by a concerned mother about teaching a class for young women. Specifically, they were coming of age and transitioning to a new chapter in their lives; that is, taking off to college this fall or travelling abroad this summer.

I liked that you incorporated our questions and ideas.
— Madison S.

In other words, they face an exciting but scary near-future. We all fear the unknown. Which is why any practice that makes us feel more open and aware, secure and prepared helps. Especially one that develops personal skills for you to trust yourself anywhere. That’s valuable because it is always with you.

I had a lot of fun! It was a good balance of serious information with good analogies. I feel like I need more practice so I will probably come back for more classes!
— Amelia D.

So last Sunday, the ladies came by for a two-hour workshop. I started with the theory and context of Self-Defense. Then I proceeded to present six attack situations and illustrated their resolution with WingChun strategies and techniques.

I definitely feel more confident in my movements and awareness.
— Hailey D.

It was a good mix of sober discussion and lighthearted exchange. Lots of laughs, lots of learning. Of course, in such a short session, mastery is not expected. But I was happy to send them off a bit better informed. Thanks to HQ student Jonah Cohn for coming by to assist me.

I wish we had more time! And that I had taken it 20 years ago.
— Carolyn K.

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