Pre-Teen Self-Defense Workshop

Last Sunday, I enjoyed teaching a Self-Defense Workshop for teenagers. I was approached by Anushka Drescher of Lotus Parenting based in the East Bay to document our unique approach to personal safety as it applies to special concerns of youth beyond child years but not quite adults. Previously, she had observed a Regular Class I taught which led to an interview for one of her tele-courses.

This follow-up two-hour live event was held at our Headquarters in Berkeley. My presentation outline relied on depicting three escalation levels, which lie on a spectrum of low risk to middle threat to high danger. Besides this conceptual identification, I also envisioned creating a felt sense of physical confidence in the participants. This was realized through one coordination Exercise — with Tan Sao (攤手 Spreading Arm), Pak Sao (拍手 Slapping Arm), Tsong Kuen (衝拳 Thrusting Punch) and Dap Bo (踏步 Striding Step) — and via two situational Applications involving grabs and holds.

Besides impressing the young attendees with the importance of taking responsibility to prepare their protection plan, the parents also paid keen attention. They were pleasantly surprised by the logical sense and practical value of the information I shared. Rather than leave to run errands, they ended up staying for the whole duration! It was great to hear the appreciative feedback of such an open-minded group.

I savor every experience interacting with different individuals, especially the chance to shed light upon those who have never even considered the primal relevance of Self-Defense. Thanks to Anushka for this opportunity to broaden my audience base and deepen my range of communication.

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