Spotlight on Tyler Gouvea

WingChun is something you can take anywhere.

My job is my joy! I feel lucky that we have attracted such great people to our WingChun family. By this I don’t just mean diligent students but genuinely amazing individuals who I look forward to spending quality time with several days a week. If you’re a friendly, pragmatic person, please join us!

Tyler is one such unique member of our training community. He is respected for his outstanding skills and loved for his enthusiastic personality. I have complete confidence in his capable, approachable and sovereign expression of our system. For these reasons, I trust him to assist me in teaching classes.

It is my hope that his potential be fully actualized through the practice he is well on his way upon both as a practitioner and instructor of the art. Tyler is a positive example to others and a helpful inspiration for me. Please read on as he shares his experience below:

Tyler training.

Name: Tyler Gouvea
Started: December 2006
Graduation: 10th Student Level
Academy: HQ Berkeley
Instructor: Sihing Paul Wang
Occupation: Medical Student
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

How did you hear about WingChun?
My friend and fellow practitioner Evan Kha told me to check out the website. Evan had been suggesting several different martial arts for me to try. I wanted a simple Self-Defense system that would work against stronger and larger opponents. I read the description on the WingChun website and it sounded exactly like what I was looking for. When we went to the class, the experience confirmed it.

What got you to come to class?
When I was a kid, someone stalked me while I was walking home and tried to break into my house. I was almost mugged in college and my sister was home alone when someone broke in. Although I have been fortunate not to be harmed, I wanted to learn how to protect myself and my family.

What hooked you to WingChun?
Effective, no-frills Self-Defense is what hooked me. I love that WingChun allows anyone to defend themselves regardless of their age, gender or size. Also the friendly and open training atmosphere made me feel welcome, even on my first day when I was nervous.

Why is training important to you?
Training is important to me because it is walking the walk. I am confident I can defend myself against attacks because we train how to defend against attacks. The gravity of the action answers questions and puts to rest doubts.

Why do you currently do WingChun?
Principally, I do WingChun for Self-Defense, but there are numerous other reasons. The peace of mind that comes from executing an effective response in a dangerous situation is invaluable. It is great for stress reduction and for getting in shape. WingChun is something you can take anywhere, walking down any street and into any building. Training has transformed me and made me confident. And it is fun to train this great skill with friendly and helpful people.

What makes WingChun unique?
I believe what makes WingChun unique is its direct approach to realistic training and its comprehensive curriculum. Efficacy is the ultimate measure of our techniques. In addition, WingChun’s systematization of techniques and Self-Defense situations makes it clear to learn. With the curriculum I can see exactly what I have covered, am covering, and will cover.

How would you sum up WingChun in one word?

Describe your favorite WingChun idea.
Attack the attack. I love how we take an active approach to problem management instead of a reactive one. For each situation or attack presented I have a clear answer; the answer which is rooted in my own skill and strength. As a WingChun practitioner, this idea makes me less dependent and more autonomous.

Explain your favorite WingChun movement.
Ngoi Tsong Kuen (外衝拳 External Thrusting Punch). It combines clearing and attacking into one movement. It is efficient and a great example of the autonomy WingChun provides its practitioners.

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