Feed, Read, Deed (Part 1 of 4)

The process in action.

Anyone can do WingChun. Almost. Perhaps I will write about certain caveats in the future. But beyond the fact that we offer a widely accessible system, I am keenly focused on how students can learn quicker and better.

Are there more useful teaching tools I can create to reliably achieve that outcome?

I’d like to share one such model that is simple to understand and implement. In each class I like to show a specific situation (Feed), what to recognize about it (Read) and how to respond (Deed).

All applications have these three elements to be meaningful. Here is a brief description of each, which we will elaborate upon in Parts 2-4 of this article:

Feed asks who. It has to do with who the opponent is. His presence and presentation to you. In other words, the configuration of his attack.

Read ascertains what. It has to do with what you can see. This is the totality of information you gather about his intention, direction, distance, position, angle, speed, size.

Deed answers how. It has to do with how you subjectively decide to react. In short, it integrates your clear decision and decisive action.

In training, your best Feed is important to improve your partners’ Read and Deed, which decreases in duration and increases in accuracy with their advancement, respectively.

Without understanding and optimizing every phase, you will not get the most possible from practice. For instance, a weak Feed leads to a poor Read. Also, a Read gone wrong can cause your Deed to fail.

In Part 2, we will discuss how to Feed effectively. Then, in Part 3, you will find out what a proper Read consists of. Finally, in Part 4, the key points of the Deed will be explained.

Continue on to Part 2.

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