With Sifu in Atlanta

Last week I traveled to Atlanta, Georiga — along with other WingChun instructors and students from California, Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania — and met with Sifu Klaus Brand for several days of focused training. This is the fourth period of quality time I’ve be fortunate enough to spend with Sifu this year.

As always, I learned many essential ideas and minute details which I immediately incorporate into my overall understanding and ongoing teaching of the system. Thanks to Sihing Kurk Johnson and Sihing Ayron Johnson, Leaders of the Academy of WingChun Atlanta, for hosting us so graciously.

We also had the opportunity to complete an interview for the local news site, East Cobb Patch. It was an interesting and insightful process to articulate WingChun to the media. Here is the article that was written up about us by Benn Wineka:

WingChun Master Teaches Self-Defense in East Cobb

Besides a series of intensive Private Lessons with Sifu, general participants enjoyed his explanations and demonstrations during a full WingChun Seminar, a practical Application Class and a dynamic Combat Class. Because of attendees who have never experienced his method of WingChun, Sifu specifically retraced the history of its development over the last decades.

This was in addition to the live transmission of refined movements from various Student Level Programs. Accordingly, Sifu shared with me his intention of improving the technical knowledge of all members as a primary objective for the International Academy of WingChun in 2011. As usual, my satisfying job was to directly assist Sifu in presenting the clear logic and keen action of WingChun. This meant quite a lot of high impact fun with everyone.

It was a pleasure to reacquaint myself with members I’ve worked with on my previous trips to Atlanta, as well as engaging with new visitors to the IAW approach to Self-Defense, some of who were experts in other styles. Their feedback expressing appreciation for our efficacy, energy and enthusiasm affirmed the value of what we offer. The reality of WingChun is undeniable in the eyes and hearts, bodies and minds, of intelligent pragmatists looking for functional Self-Defense.

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4 thoughts on “With Sifu in Atlanta

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  2. hi sihing Paul, coming March sihing Ralph visit IAW malaysia and giving us examination for the 1st and 2nd degree. i heard from sihing Nathan, Sifu Klaus brand will coming on August as well. Do u think we have chance to meet in the future?

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