WingChun Shoes

It's the shoes.

Train your footwork in sleek style. Now available in the US are official IAW shoes designed and developed by Sifu Klaus Brand that feature black canvas uppers, grey suede soles and reinforced heel seams.

Rather than bulkier athletic shoes, the WingChun Shoe allows you to feel more connected to the ground. This is vital in order to develop balance stability and solid stepping, which are the strong foundations that support powerful arm techniques.

According to research at Daniel Lieberman’s Skeletal Biology Lab at Harvard University, training barefoot or in minimal footwear strengthens foot muscles, creates more efficient movement and stimulates the sensory nerves.

Characteristics of minimal footwear are a thin heel, a flexible sole and no arch support. These allow the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the foot to function and improve in condition according to natural anatomical parameters. The WingChun Shoe adheres to these design principles.

Note that only limited quantities and select sizes will be available. For more information or to place your order, please contact the IAW-US Headquarters at 510-21-IAW-US or

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