IAW Headquarters Trip – Day Nine

My final weekend kicked off with a bang of weapons during our Escrima Class. This was also the sequel to my testing for the Espada y Daga Level, the fourth of nine, along with Sihing Marc. We drew our swords and then sparks flew. It was also a treat to see Sifu transmit Combat Level material. Today he presented staff and spear methods. Imagine warriors of Sparta come alive.

After years of training and hours of testing, Sifu conferred to Sihing Marc and I the Espada y Daga Level certification. This was at once a proud and humbling moment, realizing some attainment as well as much more ahead.

A little break later, we rejoined for a Diploma Class. The WingChun Diploma is the fifth Degree in the IAW professional teacher training program. It follows the Assistant Degree, Instructor Degrees I-III and covers the theory and practice of Sections 2-7 for the First and Second Technician Grade. There were five of us pursuing this credential with aspirations to our highest potential as WingChun instructors.

Section 4 and 5 were compared and contrasted. There are definite similarities, such as the ubiquity of Gwan Sao (Revolving Arms), and distinct differences in body to limb mobilizations. As always, even and especially when revisiting previous curricula, there are novel frames of contact and fresh images of movement I had never previously captured which suddenly zoom into the foreground of recognition.

Now, as I recap the day’s proud accomplishments, I can enjoy a calm night, where it’s still ninety degrees at nine. Still too toasty to sleep, so a leisurely walk is in order. Might be a good exercise to clear myself for the sustained mental concentration and substantial physical exertion of tomorrow’s filming.

Or so I thought. Until Germany soundly defeated the favored Argentinians during their quarterfinal World Cup match. Think Superbowl and NBA Final victory celebrations all in one. Even the lax police were relaxed enough to merely smile at the countless actionable traffic offenses rather than sour the festivities.

Meanwhile, aside from those directly involved, you’ll be the first to find out how our everything goes on Sunday. See you then.

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