IAW Headquarters Trip – Day Eight

It was a free Friday morning. So I took off to Karlsruhe for a tasty lunch at my usual eatery there and a sunny stroll through the pedestrian-friendly streets.

This time, while crossing a long arcing bridge on the way downtown, I even managed to happen upon several dust-bathing elephants. I’ll have to assume they were just local zoo denizens. Taking advantage of the extremely convenient public transport system, I made it back in time to Bruchsal for a Special Class at the Headquarters.

The current summer event schedule has been perfect for an indefatigable WingChun journeyman like myself, since many days have featured multiple trainings. Today is no exception as we subsequently geared up for a Master Class, my second one this visit.

Tonight integrated a wide-ranging mix of representative excerpts from our Forms, Sections and Applications. Sifu was deliberately preparing us for our important Sunday endeavor. In an earlier post, I briefly referred to this occassion. I’d like to elaborate.

We have produced and broadcast a series of short sub-minute clips. However, for the first time, the IAW will release a longer video. The objective is to display a broader overview of our WingChun approach. There are innumerable styles, more or less convincing as actual Self-Defense, but that is our sole goal. And we hope to demonstrate this single-minded priority through simple, solid and strong illustrations.

Filming is scheduled for this Sunday, July 4 at a professional studio. A contigent of IAW stalwarts will gather there to give their very best. Besides Sifu, you’ll be also able to watch select students and instructors perform parts of the art. I’m honored that this includes yours truly.

Just a few more days to go. Thanks for following my reports thus far. Tomorrow I’ll update you on two more events. Saturday’s plan is an Escrima Class and a Diploma Class. Sounds fun.

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