IAW Headquarters Trip – Day Seven

Once again I met up with Sihing Marc today. This morning it was to complete our first testing session for the Fourth Level of Escrima called Espada y Daga, which covers the flexible usage of asymmetric weapons. For a couple searing hours Sifu had us coordinate a sword and shield in numerous attack and defense patterns.

Animating metal is more rigorous than wood or bone. You also quickly determine the exact feel of optimal biomechanics, or the lack thereof, because your skin, muscles and joints soon tell you otherwise.

Then, in the afternoon I had a Double Lesson with Sihing Ralph. Sifu focused on refining a couple parts of the First Section, namely, 7 and 9.2. I have executed these sequences for hundreds of cycles. But never quite like this. To say the least, the simultaneous power and precision we exerted was enlivening.

Finally, I finished off Thursday with another HQ evening class, which I mostly spent training with Sihing Chris. This ended the first week of my trip. It’s been extremely action-packed so far. But perhaps the busiest days are yet to come.

I wonder what enlightening topics await our keen attention at the Special Class and Master Class tomorrow. Will let you know as soon as I do.

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