IAW Headquarters Trip – Day Four

The day began early with a sequence of five Private Lessons planned with Sihing Ralph, Sihing Tobias, Sihing Chris and Sihing Martin. Because of the mental and physical intensity of these sessions, it was nice of Sifu to schedule a break so we could refuel. I filled up with a big salad and small coffee.

We are all working on the Fourth Technician Grade. Of course, it is essential to note that this not only includes Section 13-17 based on the Mok Yan Jang form, but equal treatment of all Programs to date.

I really like this characteristic equanimity throughout the entire IAW system, where no one and no thing is more important than another. There is no best concept or movement, perhaps save for that which you actually train to do, let alone magical secrets and shortcuts. My appreciation of this fact increases as my apprehension of the art improves.

If there is just one realization I hope to remember from today, besides the many technical details, it is to do everything and anything with full intention in true action. From Tan Sao (Spreading Arm) to Tsan Sao (Spading Arm), from Jin Bo (Arrowing Step) to Juen Bo (Revolving Step). Aside from their variation in name, they are invariably alike in nature.

What really matters is how aware we are of diverse connections and unifying perspectives. Blind preference can block relevance. And this bias may have dangerous consequences in Self-Defense.

So we must choose to bravely see the sobering reality, such as the new limits of old beliefs, or stay drunk on safe partiality. What’s great is that via WingChun you experientially distinguish working functions from idealistic dysfunctions. This shifts us from being asleep to becoming awake.

Despite the difficulty, we decide to develop the latter, without ever missing the false temptation of ignorant bliss. Does knowledge make us happier than hope?

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1 thought on “IAW Headquarters Trip – Day Four

  1. Thanks for sharing out the in-depth understanding. I enjoy reading your article to further understand the learning path.

    Have great days and take good care.

    From Penang, Malaysia,
    Hong CN

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