IAW Headquarters Trip – Day Three

Sunday was the official annual IAW Event for all members. Despite the nationally significant World Cup game with Germany versus England playing that afternoon, it was a good showing. Although from the cacophony that ensued after victory, perhaps even WingChun couldn’t drag hardcore soccer fans away from one of the many public screens. Black, red and gold streamed everywhere.

This was a gathering of WingChun people from throughout the whole organization. There were practitioners of all grades, from the First Student Level to the Master Degree, each excited to share a day of intensive practice together. Seven tough hours later, and seven long hours better, they were still going strong. Even one of the WingChun Tigers contingent, stayed until the end. Not bad for a six-year old.

I was happy to witness everyone engaged in continuous training, without making excuses about the heat or time. This kind of dedicated effort is the respected norm in the IAW. It was great to spend most of the day with Sije Nina, Sihing Marc and Sihing Tobias. We covered various Section, Lat Sao and Application ideas. Specifically, Section 1, 3, 4, 8 and 13, Lat Sao 1, 2, 3 and 5, and Application of Section 2, 3, 8, 13.

It all added up to an incalculable amount of inspiring insights. Ones that I will digest in the weeks, months and years to come. My goal as always is to use my learning in my teaching. This dual process will never stop.

Chris Bobek, a student from the IAW-US Headquartes in Berkeley, deserves mention. Not only was I proud of his interaction with other students, but many instructors were impressed by his diligence as well. Sifu noticed and rewarded this by arranging one-on-one tutoring with Sifu Alex, one of his Master Degree students. I’m sure Chris felt this alone made his trip worthwhile.

I’ll be here for another busy week, making painstaking gains each day. Come back for more updates soon. Next up are highlights from Day 4 of my trip.

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