IAW Headquarters Trip – Day Two

Saturday featured the first day of the annual IAW Event weekend for testing and training of the Technician Grade and Instructor Degree programs.

As the Degree aspirants were being thoroughly examined by Sifu, the remaining partcipants worked on Tenth Student Level footwork exercises, Second Section applications, Fifth Section corrections and Second and Fifth Lat Sao patterns.

Sifu also unveiled the latest update to IAW system in the Tsum Kiu form. It was a functional upgrade to the Bong Sao (Winging Arm) and Juen Ma (Revolving Stance) sequence. As always, these developments come after much research and testing. And when revealed, they make uncanny sense on clear hindsight.

There is much to see and absorb here, in each class with every person. And my WingChun knowledge and ability improves with such direct experience. For this I am thankful.

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