WingChun Demo at LeConte Elementary

On June 1, Sihing Brandon Solano and I were invited to present WingChun at LeConte Elementary School in Berkeley as part of their Asian American Heritage Month. We joined the Cal Raijin Taiko Drummers and the Fei Tian Classical Chinese Dancers in presenting our art to nearly 100 kindergarten through fifth grade students, teachers and parents. Even their mascot, Coco the Panda, learned to apply a key WingChun coordination movement: a Dap Bo (Striding Step) and Tsong Kuen (Thrusting Punch) to the delight of all.

In a ten-minute performance, we were able to demonstrate a Lat Sao (Casting Arms) combination sequence, the Siu Nim Tau (Small Intention) form, applications from our Basic Level programs and the 7th Student Level Chi Sao (Adhering Arms) flow. The background of WingChun was also explained along with what the IAW offers. The children were a great audience and very enthusiastic about the action. It was fun to interact with many of them after the show. Perhaps you will see some of them as WingChun Tigers soon.

We were also happy to meet several staff members such as Secretary Donna Chan Chu and Coach Smiley. A very special thanks to Mr. Alan Wang for organizing the successful event and Principal Cheryl Wilson for hosting us at her wonderful school.

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