True Weekend Warriors

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Four days straight of Special Events is a special holiday gift for us WingChun Warriors.

It started on Friday with a double header. The Master Class and Technician Class are always inspiring opportunities to interact with the best practitioners in the IAW. Saturday was a Small Group mostly attended by those who wanted additional training to prepare for their upcoming Testing. On Sunday we had the longest session yet. It was the first day of evaluations for those pursuing the Pre-Primary Level and Technician Grades. We ended up going for almost five hours.

Finally, on Monday evening everyone converged at Sifu Alex’s main Academy in Stuttgart for the year-ending Christmas Seminar. Preceding the adults, it was a treat to watch Sifu work with the WingChun Tigers. For those who doubt that children can perform and excel in our Self-Defense movements, it’s for want of seeing them in action. They are every bit as passionate as our older members.

At the end of this last WingChun Seminar of 2009, many new graduates were certified. Of special note were Sihing Igor Peic and Sihing Alex Decker whose dedication and diligence to attain the 4th Technician Grade was fully evident. It was also pleasing to be present as Sihing Tobias and his training partner, Sihing Chris Barnisky, were awarded their 3rd Technician Grade. Look out for these two HQ Instructors who might be visiting us during the summer of 2010.

My stay is not quite over yet. Some more learning and reflection to go. Not to mention a trip to France. But all in all this is shaping up to be a perfect concluding chapter for the year. One that sends a strong momentum into the next.

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