WingChun Winter Wonderland

First time to Germany in the middle of winter. And it shows. Luckily, I dug the scarf and gloves out of California storage last minute.

But training warms up the WingChun fire quickly. Just a few hours after arriving at the International Academy of WingChun (IAW) Headquarters, the blood began to burn through both the jetlag and cold. First, it was a comprehensive Double Lesson with Sifu Klaus Brand, together with Sihing Tobias Ries. Then another hour and a half Regular Class during which I had the pleasure of checking students in preparation for their upcoming graduation Testings. Rounded off the first satisfying evening with a midnight stroll through the now familiar, depsite the snow, streets and scenes of Bruchsal. Nothing beats dosing the system with fresh air before bedtime.

Day two was marked by more expert instruction from Sifu, this time along with Sihing Igor Peic. Both the keen logic and utter beauty of the Mok Yan Jang (Wooden Dummy) movements continue to reveal itself. I look forward to another Private Lesson this evening as well as plans to capture additional footage for future IAW videos. After seeing the encouraging success of and enthusiastic support for the short clips we’ve recently shared with the world, be sure to stay tuned for upcoming productions in 2010. There is much more we want to express.

Meanwhile, a quick bite at the local cafe. Earlier, I noticed the seasonal pumpkin soup and house-made vegetable quiche. Sounds like a hearty warrior meal doesn’t it?

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