Newest Sihing

Worldwide, there is a small group of individuals who contribute in a very specific way to the IAW. These we designate as “Sihing”, which simply connotes “Teacher”. However, it is not easy to attain and maintain this role because it is a substantial and ongoing responsibility. The mininum requirements are the 9th Student Level and the Assistant Degree, which together takes at least a couple years of dedicated training. Another important obligation is appointment into the active position of regularly leading students, either as a Group or Academy Leader or in direct assistance to one.

Thus, we are glad to announce the latest IAW-US member who has fulfilled these requirements and can therefore be rightfully called a Sihing. After ten months of demonstrating his commitment to teaching the WingChun Tigers as well as multifaceted personal support to me in operations at the IAW-US Headquarters, I am very proud, along with the recent approval of Sifu Klaus Brand, to present Sihing Brandon Solano.

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