Spring Event Series 2009 Recap

It was an impressive time with all those April events.
– Sifu Klaus Brand

Spring in California is usually sunny and pleasant. All the more so when Sifu Brand visits. After the success of our Spring Camp last year, we decided to make it an ongoing annual tradition. So on the weekend of April 18-19, we headed out to the Point Reyes National Seashore. Not only was the weather perfect as we trained under the clear blue sky and in the warm ocean breeze, but the material Sifu Brand revealed to us was equally inspiring.

What could beat two days of pure WingChun? Saturday was devoted to improving Dan Chi and Basic Exercises. On Sunday, we covered aspects of Chi Sao, Puen Sao, Lat Sao, and Kicking Applications. That is not to mention all the joy, laughter, and stories we shared while cooking, eating, and chatting together. Upon our return, it was easy to recognize those who experienced Spring Camp 2009. This wasn’t just because of lingering smirks of satisfaction or displays of suntanned skin.


Many Spring Campers noted realization of insights only possible through the intensive retreat format. Perhaps through sheer work or utter magic, something shifts when you focus intently long enough. You see things and make connections not otherwise easily achieved in less sustained contexts. So besides eight hours of technical corrections and theoretical refinements, this overall integration of what you know and do is a great and rare reward. Now we look forward to Spring Camp 2010.

Obviously, this Spring Event Series also included a variety of additional occasions to access Sifu Brand’s ideas. Here is a short outline of what was presented:

Technician Workshop | Section Entrances
Combat Class
| Falls and Throws
Escrima Workshop | Serrada Patterns
WingChun Seminar | Curriculum Testing

That list conveys nothing of the dynamic energy and serious fun we all enjoyed. So it’s another one of those situations where you just had to be there to fully appreciate. But don’t be dismayed. Instead, pull up your calendar and plan for the Fall Event Series coming October 16-25, 2009.

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